The Shorter MBA: A Practical Approach to the Key Business Skills Издательство: Profile Books, 2004 г Мягкая обложка, 288 стр ISBN 1861977255 инфо 8019y.

Most people cannot give up two years to study for a Masters in Business Administration, but the techniques that are taught for an MBA are invaluable Here, in one short, pithy book, are the essentials that stuбыжшеdents labor for months to learn on an MBA Above all, this is a practical book that covers everything needed to be commercially successful in business It is divided into three parts: personal development, management skills, and business development, and uses the latesвиъжжt research and business school studies to clearly explain everything 2 edition Авторы Барри Пирсон (автор, редактор) Barrie Pearson Нил Томас (автор, редактор) Neil Thomas.

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