Total Quality Management: Strategies and Techniques Proven at Today's Most Successful Companies Издательство: Wiley, 1998 г Твердый переплет, 254 стр ISBN 0471191744 инфо 8000y.

To understand and profit from Total Quality Management, companies must pay particular attention to the first word in the phrase—total The spectacular rewards enjoyed by top companies like 3M, FedEx, and Ben быжчюa& Jerry's were earned through a total commitment to achieving superior quality and customer satisfaction across all company functions and processes Total Quality Management, Second Edition gives you a completely up-to-date look at how 51 of the world's most succeвиъещssful companies put the totalinto TQM Each of these companies, including 13 new additions and 23 Baldrige Award winners, is cited as a benchmark performer in a particular business function Their examples help you set your sights on specific goals and learn a variety of ways to go about achieving each goal Each chapter features the best practices of one manufacturing company, one service company, and one small business Following the examples set by these overachievers, you'll discoвртшрver how to: Lead the transition from traditional management to management by quality Identify customer needs and use that knowledge to drive the organization Integrate strategic quality and business planning into a single strategic process Communicate customer and company requirements throughout your organization Recognize and reward employee efforts and promote improved quality Establish uniform measurement systems and manage by fact, not fiction Borrow shamelessly from industry leaders to encourage breakthrough thinking Build strengths and eliminate weaknesses through an annual assessment process Fully updated—the book that puts the total into 2 edition Авторы Стивен Джордж Stephen George Стивен Джордж - писатель и консультант из Сент-Луис Парк, Миннесота Он консультировал одиннадцать компаний, которые участвовали в конкурсе на Премию Болдриджа и/или на премии качества Штатов, пять из этих компаний получили восемь премий, включая три Арнольд Ваймервтьэскирх Arnold Weimerskirch Арнольд Ваймерскирх - вице-президент по вопросам качества корпорации Honeywell Inc и бывший председатель судейской коллегии Национальной премии качества Малькольма Болдриджа Бакалавр и магистр технических наук университета Миннесоты .