MBA Field Studies: A Guide for Students and Faculty Издательство: Harvard Business School Press, 1990 г Мягкая обложка, 80 стр ISBN 0-87584-251-8 инфо 7997y.

Редактор: E Raymond Corey Field studies courses, offered widely in business schools, provide students with at educational opportunity quite different from the classroom experience In taking on these быжчэprojects, however, students are often at a disadvantage because they have had little instruction in field research methods and techniques This guide is intended to help Covering a wide range of topics - team management, client relationships, interviewing, using libraвиъечry resources, questionnaire design, the written report and oral presentation - the guide will help students move more quickly into their project, plan their work more efficiently, and, above all, gain more from this unique learning experience The book's final chapter is addressed to faculty supervisors; it describes their roles as counselor, teacher, and judge, providing guidance on how they may be effective in each As this guide will demonstrate, the better all parties recognize anвртшоd understand their roles and responsibilities, the better the educational outcome.