Business in Asia Pacific Издательство: Oxford University Press, 2005 г Мягкая обложка, 408 стр ISBN 0 19 878219 5 инфо 7603y.

Business in Asia Pacific brings together an account of the Asia Pacific business environment with an analysis of management styles and decision-making techniques in the region The book begins with an analysisбылхр of the Asian economic miracle and of the crisis of the late 1990s, including a detailed country by country review of all the region's major economies in the aftermath of the crisis Part II then goes on to investigate the socio-cultural bases of the Asia Pacific managвиэсьement environment, focusing in particular on the cases of Japan, South Korea, and China This is followed by an analysis of post-crisis strategies for companies doing business in Asia Pacific and of the most effective ways of establishing markets in the region The book concludes with an entire section of detailed case studies illustrating the experiences of a number of major multinationals in doing business in the region, including Daewoo, Wal-Mart, Nike, Dell, Matsushita, Coca-Cola,врфгш and Samsung Автор Sonia El Kahal.