Gene Krupa Classic Jazz Archive (2 CD) Серия: Classic Jazz Archive инфо 7511o.

Ремастированное издание содержит буклет с фотографиями и дополнительной информацией на английском языке Содержание CD1: Gene Krupa Classic Jazz Archive Drummin' Man 1 Grandfather's Clock 2 I Knбыязэow That You Know 3 Fare Thee Well, Annie Laurie 4 Wire Brush Stomp 5 Nagasaki 6 Jeepers Creepers 7 Murdy Purdy 8 Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-Der-E 9 Bolero At The Savoy 10 Apurksody 11 Never Felt Better, Never Had Less 12 Do You Wanna Jump, Chвймбвildren? 13 The Madam Swings It 14 Dracula 15 Symphony In Riffs 16 Drummin' Man 17 Georgia On My Mind 18 Fool Am I 19 You're Breaking My Heart All Over Again CD2: Gene Krupa Classic Jazz Archive Full Dress Hop 1 I Hear Music 2 Down Argentina Way 3 Moon Over Burma 4 High On A Windy Hill 5 Like The Fella Once Said 6 Somewhere 7 I'd Know You Anywhere 8 How 'Bout That Mess? 9 You Danced With Dynamite 10 When You Aвршщяwake 11 It All Comes Back To Me Now 12 Hamtramck 13 Yes, My Darling Daughter 14 Full Dress Hop 15 Sweet Georgia Brown 16 Oh! They're Making Me All Over In The Army 17 Deep In The Blues 18 You Are The One 19 You Forgot About Me 20 Isn't That Just Like Love? Исполнитель Джин Крупа Gene Krupa.